Guided Meditation for Self-Healing and Personal Development

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When I was 17 years old in 1969, I was very fortunate to meet a couple of kind souls who were obviously more evolved than average. They were college art professors named Howard and Rochelle. They had been around the block a time or two spiritually and were always ready to share what they’d learned with whoever was ready to listen. (That would be me.)

Passing It On

Although I have not seen them in 38 years, I will always be grateful to them for the way they were so willing to light my candle from the light of their own. The song recommended at the end of this article is about this kind of selfless giving. It’s about how a gift of this caliber has layers upon layers of future effects, unknown to the giver of the gift. The giver offers the gift not for any particular desired result but simply because he can.

The way we live our life is like a pebble dropped, into a quiet pond
It carries on just like a circle growing
The ripples that we make may touch another shore, you may never know for sure
How much you’ve helped someone without you knowing

Sometimes the ripples from our deed’s a gentle touch, doesn’t seem to matter much
It’s like dropping flowers in the Grand Canyon
And though we’ll never know just what becomes of them, it’s all the same to them
So drop them anyway, because you can

So be kind . . . — from the song, “Be Kind” by Tupelo Kenyon

Howard and Rochelle introduced me to meditation. It was very low-key, but a little bit mysterious to this 17-year-old kid. Nothing about it seemed dangerous in any way, just intriguing in a healthy way. That made the experience even more special, because from the very start, it felt right. No worries. No fear. Just eagerness for more.

The Road Less Traveled

There were a few of us who would gravitate to their home in the evening. We would usually visit awhile about things that were not typical topics of conversation in those days: psychic phenomenon, astral projection, clairvoyance, etc.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
- William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

I was always impressed with how at ease they were with all of this. They had nothing to prove and nothing to sell. They never pushed this information on anyone. In fact, unless someone had a keen interest and asked a lot of questions (like me), you’d never know they were any different from anyone else. If you were paying attention though, you might notice and extra sparkle in their eyes and a general sense of joy emanating from them.

Guided Explorations

After Howard and Rochelle had answered that evening’s round of questions, we would gather in their living room for guided meditation. Nothing about this ever felt spooky; it wasn’t a séance or anything cheesy like that. We would sit on the floor or the furniture or lie down, whatever was comfortable. We were instructed to close our eyes and listen. Then, either Howard or Rochelle would take us by the hand (metaphorically) and guide us through a whole new world of wonder and insight — inner space.

I honestly don’t know if they were particularly good at guiding meditations, or if it was just so new to me, but it was definitely effective. It was my first experience of this kind, so I had nothing to compare it to. In retrospect, I imagine they were good at it. Very good.

Deliberate Thorough Relaxation

Their technique was slightly different every night, but there were some common elements. First, we would concentrate on relaxing every muscle in our bodies. We did this deliberately, focusing our attention upon each area, relaxing it completely, and then moving to the next area.

Upon each exhalation, we were told to release all tension in that particular area, then we would move to the next area and repeat the process. We started with the bottoms of our feet, and in a period of 5 to 10 minutes, we would work our way all the way up to the top of our head, becoming increasingly relaxed with each out-going breath. (I have been using this simple relaxation technique ever since — it’s very effective.)

Sound and Light

Other times, our attention would be directed toward sounds. First, all the outer sounds. Leaves rustling. Traffic. Refrigerator running. Then, the inner sounds. Breath sounds. Heart pumping. Stomach gurgling. The ringing in our ears.

Then we would take imaginative flights of fancy. Through their soft, relaxing descriptions, we would visualize landscapes, seascapes, spacescapes, and somehow even places beyond description in the realms of light and sound. We were shown the awesome depths of our imaginations and the power of our visualization.

I Am . . .

We were then told to experience our body as a lump of clay and feel the sensation of gravity pulling it toward the earth. With no resistance, we simply felt the heaviness. We experienced the difference between this heavy lump of clay and the point of awareness who was experiencing it. This pinpoint of consciousness could be directed to become aware of the entire room, the entire house, the city, the continent, the planet, the galaxy, the universe. If the body was a heavy lump of clay, we experienced this awareness as light as a feather and responsive to thought at light speed.

Was this all just imaginative wanderings? It didn’t really matter. It felt great!

This was not any kind of organized group, not an official satsang of any particular brand, not a cult built around any particular charismatic personality. It was just friends showing friends something cool . . . because they could. Or maybe it was some kind of big brother / big sister program for the spiritually ripe. It was easy. It was casual. It was a life-changing experience.

Those early meditation experiences opened me up to a whole new world . . . a world unknown to most. In fact, I’ve met very few people through the decades who are interested in such things.


“Prayer gives us the opportunity to speak to God.
Meditation allows GOD to speak back to us.”
— Unknown

Then and Now

Fast-forward 37 years. It feels like it’s changing now. More and more people are opening up to new possibilities. People are actively seeking ideas and techniques to help illuminate their inner landscapes.

We are approaching a quantum leap, a tipping point in our group consciousness. Suddenly, personal development ideas and techniques are hitting the mainstream. People are waking up. How exciting! It’s a good time to be alive.

Two of the more awake people I’ve met are Dr. Amber Wolf and her husband, Dr. Sid Wolf. Dr. Sid is a multi-faceted healer; a shining example of somone who has dedicated his life to ever-expanding consciousness, meditation, and helping others by teaching methods of natural self-healing. My wife, Janey, and I met Amber in the early 80’s in Alaska and always appreciated her deep, peaceful nature and her spiritual wisdom. She has been practicing and teaching yoga and holistic health care since 1982. We became fast friends and have stayed in touch through the years. She has also been meditating since she was a kid, so we have that in common.

Through Dr. Amber Wolf’s eyes (and her lifetime of spiritual experiences), I have recently come to an even greater appreciation for my early meditation experiences with Howard and Rochelle. Amber has taken the idea of a guided meditation to a whole new level, combining ancient principles of yoga with modern scientific knowledge of how the brain works.

Guided Meditation – The Next Generation

Amber recently booked a few days of studio time at our recording studio (Riversong Studio) in order to create a guided meditation CD. I was honored that she chose me to produce it. She and her husband, Sid, showed up with a rough draft for the meditation. In a pre-production meeting, Amber read the script as Sid, Janey and I got relaxed, closed our eyes, and took it for a test-drive. It was good, but all four of us had suggestions to make it even better.

Since the objective was to make it as good as possible, we decided to do a major overhaul. The four of us went through it with a fine-tooth comb for two days until we all agreed that every section, every sentence, every word was the best it could be. We did another test-drive and all got thrill-bumps — somehow, it had taken on a life of its own and had grown into something much greater than the sum of its parts.

Next, when the time was right, Amber and I went into the studio. She got very still, very peaceful, very deep, and calmly spoke the guided meditation as I recorded it. Her voice is as smooth as silk and has a certain quality that is very reassuring and trustworthy. Like my experience with Rochelle years ago, Amber’s wonderful voice takes you by the hand and leads you to a place of peace and wonder, like a spiritual big sister.

“Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.” – Jeremy Taylor (1613-67)

Music to Allow Deep Relaxation and Healing

I accompanied her guided meditation with relaxing background music, using very mellow-voiced instruments including piano, woodwinds and string sections. Those specific tonal qualities did a good job of setting the tone to make it even easier to totally relax and follow her voice with your attention.

After about 25 minutes, the voice-guided part of the CD completes, and the music continues to guide the listener in a peaceful inner journey beyond words. (If you chose to listen to the music linked at the beginning of this article, you have been listening to the music used at the end of the Amber’s guided meditation: “Supernova Serenade” from my CD, “Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light, Volume 2“).


The guided meditation CD is called’ “Alpha Healing Access.” The acronym, “AHA” is appropriate since there are plenty of opportunities for “aha moments” of insight and inspiration throughout the CD.

This is a powerful tool of personal development that can be used literally for whatever ails you. And if nothing specific is ailing you, it can be used for creating a state of deep peace and general well-being, which helps open you up to allowing whatever you choose into your experience. Some of the techniques used in Amber’s guided meditation are based on yoga nidra, a type of healing meditation successfully used in the east literally for centuries.

Why Alpha?

The CD is called alpha healing because of the body’s ability to heal itself (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) when the mind is allowed to enter into the very peaceful, still states of alpha and theta brainwave activity. The guided meditation and peaceful background music leads you gently, easily into this peaceful state.

Although new to the market, this powerfully peaceful CD has already made a big impact on many people’s lives. After experiencing it for themselves, people regularly return to get more CDs for their friends and family. This has been very gratifying for Amber, as well as myself, as it reinforces my feeling that people are ready for deeper inner experiences in ever-greater numbers. And it reinforces my feeling of the importance of passing along what you know to others.

You can hear a free sample of the CD and read more about it at Dr. Wolf’s website so you can hear for yourself if her style resonates with you. Here’s the link: “Alpha Healing Access” CD.

Thirty-seven years ago, my meditation mentors led me on my first inner journeys of exploration and discovery. Those experiences have led me to where I am today, and who I am today. I am pleased with both.

Like Ripples From a Pebble Dropped in a Pond

Without Howard and Rochelle, I may never have learned the things that are now such an integral backbone of my life. My spiritual curiosity may never have been stirred and I may have never read the hundreds of books I’ve attracted to myself on the subjects of personal development, inspiration and uplifting music. And, I may never have become inspired to create this blog.

Thank you Howard and Rochelle. Your contribution to the quality of my life is incalculable.

Because of my early experiences, I now realize this is the life-enhancing potential of a tool like Dr. Wolf’s AHA CD. She is giving back what she’s learned.

This is my intent also with this website — to offer what I’ve learned so far – information, tools and techniques that can make a dramatic difference in the quality of life, for the good of the whole.

“Begin today! No matter how feeble the light, let it shine as best it may. The world may need just that quality of light which you have.” – Henry C. Blinn

Thank you Dr. Amber Wolf. It is my hope that your AHA guided meditation CD helps others as much as Howard and Rochelle helped me. Although you may never know just how much difference your creation makes in the world, still, thank you for passing along what you’ve learned.

And, it is my hope that you reading this article will take the AHA CD for a test-drive, and allow it to open up new possibilities in your life too.

While reading, did you choose to hear the relaxing instrumental music linked at the beginning of this article? To learn more about it, click here.

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