The Subtle Side of Manifestation – part 3 of 4

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Allow Your Dreams to Come to You

Your dreams are on their way as long as you allow them. You allow them by your beliefs. Beliefs are simply the thoughts you are in the habit of thinking. Not all beliefs are “right” or based on facts. Look at history for a staggering collection of examples.

Beliefs Need Not Be Set in Stone

We believed the earth was flat. We believed the heavens circled around the earth. At one time, we even believed bathing was unhealthy and eating tomatoes would kill us.

If your belief system has you convinced that you are not worthy of reaching your dreams, or that financial independence could never happen to you, it’s time to re-examine your beliefs. These thoughts are merely habits. They are not based on fact.

But, if you insist upon focusing your attention on limiting thoughts that are a part of your belief system, these habits of thought will be truth in your experience. You can change your beliefs simply by adding new thoughts to them.

Beliefs can change easily as understanding grows. Just because you once had a belief does not mean that you must have it forever. If it no longer serves you, change it.

Once you set your dreams in motion by focusing your thoughts and attention upon them, the next step is to allow them to come to you. You do that by simply not working against yourself with conflicting thoughts. The formula is:

· Decide what you want . . .

· Visualize it clearly with feeling . . .

· Allow it to come to you with gratitude, and . . .

· Enjoy what you have created.

· Repeat.

Mental Imagery Sharpens with Practice

Creative visualization is a skill that can be learned. If it feels a little awkward to you at first, just realize that you can already visualize a little. All you have to do is visualize a little more each day and continue to develop what you already know how to do.

It’s like looking forward to something with great expectation and excitement. It’s like seeing your best friend, your child, or your spouse after being away for a long time. As you approach the airport, you see their face, you feel warmed by their smile, you hear their voice, and feel their embrace. All this is very clear in your mind. At this moment, it is the only thing in your mind because it is important to you.

It is more than physical seeing. It involves strong feeling, excitement and expectation too. When you are visualizing productively, there is no tension and no doubt. It is a positive outflow of the Life Force, and it is not necessary to work at it. It’s your birthright.

What is Effective Creative Visualization?

Creative Visualization is focused attention deliberately steered in a specific direction by conscious choice. This point is important, so take a moment to let it really sink in.

Here’s the same idea expressed a little differently:

Successful creative visualization is accomplished by making a conscious decision about what you dwell upon in the private recesses of your mind. It is a promise that you make to yourself about attracting what is really important to you by thinking about what you want, rather than thinking about what you do not want.

You are not being driven; rather you are being pulled toward that which you desire. At the same time, your dreams are being pulled toward you.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

No Such Thing as the Law of Repulsion

This principle is called The Law of Attraction and it’s precisely the reason why you don’t want to dwell upon that which you choose to avoid. You are a powerful magnet, and the universe delights in delivering to you whatever you envision.

But, the Life Force is completely non-judgmental about the appropriateness of your mental creations. That’s your job.

You make the mold in the lump of clay with your creative visualization, and the universe delivers back to you a perfect image . . . good, bad, or indifferent.

Notice What You Don’t Want (Briefly) . . .
Then Focus on What You Do Want

Realizing what you do not want is a very effective step in creating what you do want. The trick is to take note of whatever it is that you do not want, and then immediately remove your attention from that perspective, and focus your attention on that which you do want.

For instance, if you live in a small house and feel crowded, focus your attention on living in a larger house. Dwelling on the house that is too small leads to another thought which leads to another and then another which all serve to reinforce the feeling of being crowded.

The Law of Attraction goes to work and delivers to you exactly what your attention is focused upon – being crowded in a house that is too small.

Instead, remove your mental focus from being crowded and visualize what it would feel like to have a spacious home with spacious rooms.

How Do You Feel, Really?

You can’t say one thing and think another and secretly feel something else. All of these things must be heading in the same direction for your “dream catcher” to function properly. What you think and what you say and what you feel must all be on the same team.

Your creative center is that place inside where your feelings reside. How do you feel about your dream? Is it right for you? Does it fit? Have you outgrown it? Is it time to revise your dreams to better reflect what you’ve learned?

Your feelings will tell you directly without the distracting influence of other people’s opinions or the barrage of negativity from the media. Do what it takes to feel good first, and your dreams will manifest much quicker. Your thoughts and words and feelings and actions will then be working together to send a very clear picture to the Life Force about what you want. This alignment makes you a stronger magnet, which attracts your dreams faster.

Make it a priority in your life to feel good. Then, you’ll enjoy the journey toward your dreams. Every day can be a joyous step toward that which you are creating. When you are feeling good right now and anticipating the manifestation of your dreams, your positive attitude and happy feelings shorten the time it takes to make your dreams come true.

Think, Feel . . . then Act

Visualization is the key that brings your dreams toward you. Action is the key that enables you to actually take ownership of them. The only time to act is now. Now’s the only time there ever is. It will always be now, so put your complete attention on whatever little detail you are doing now, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be.

Put Your Action in the Proper Perspective

Before you jump into action, pause and ask yourself, “What do I really want, and how do I want to feel?”

You will notice that any desire you can think of will bring you more happiness, more pleasure, and/or more freedom. Chances are, that’s what you really want — happiness, pleasure, and freedom.

When you know that, before jumping into action mode, you can approach it a little differently. Instead of performing your action from a position of lack, you can look forward to the journey, knowing that every step of the way brings into your life more of what you are really wanting.

Let’s use the example of attracting financial independence. Instead of asking yourself, “What should I do?” . . . ask yourself, “How would I like to feel?” Your answer might go something like this: “I would like to feel free. I would like for my time to be my own, so that I can do the things that make me happy and give me pleasure.”

O.K., the next step is to ask yourself what you would like to have. Your answer might go something like this: “I want to have some kind of residual income that provides me with the feeling of abundance, and I want to have time for myself and my family.”

Let your answers to these questions bounce around in your head for a few days before you jump into action mode. By knowing exactly what you want first, and why, the ideas that will begin to flow to you will be in line with what you truly want.

Be Receptive to the Pull of Creative Action

Your action will be creative, exciting and interesting to you because you will realize that it is taking you toward what you most want. The journey will be satisfying, and your days will be full of happy anticipation.

Compare this approach to the negative, reactive alternative where you are doing something, anything, all day long, because you are tired of being broke. You work yourself into a frenzy, and it seems that the harder you work, the more frustrated you become.

This reactive approach makes you feel pushed into action that you really don’t want to do instead of being pulled into the most appropriate action, based on the strength of your dreams. It’s a subtle distinction, but it can make the difference between days of drudgery and days of joyous becoming.

You never enjoy a miserable trip, simply with the promise of a glorious destination.

Allow Your Inner Vision to Inspire Your Action

Most people are caught up in a frenzy of activity, trying to compensate for ineffective thought. There is no way to compensate for ineffective thought, even with ever increasing activity. There are simply not enough hours in the day. The thought and feeling aspects of creation are far too powerful to ever be compensated by activity alone.

Effective thinking is thought focused on what you want, inspired by positive emotion. Ineffective thinking is self-defeating – thought focused on the lack of what you want or on what you don’t want. The entire process must be satisfying or you will simply feel burned out instead of continuously inspired.

Cart Before the Horse

Most people have it backwards. They say I will do such and such so that I may have that which will make me happy. Try turning it around:

First, tell yourself, “I will be happy, because it is the most important thing, and it is my choice.” Then, keep your eyes open for situations and opportunities that allow you to have what you want while doing things that add to your feeling of happiness and joy.

Therefore, the most important thing for you to know is how you want to feel. Once that is clear, then your action can be guided by that. Your chosen activity will be inspired and satisfying.

If your action is a result of your feeling of lack, and if that is your dominant feeling, then all the action in the world will not pull you out of your rut. This kind of action can only create more lack in your life.

First, you must believe that there is enough to go around, and that your desire for more freedom and broader experience in your life is appropriate. It is the same basic urge of all life to expand and grow. Therefore, you resolve to yourself that you will keep your eyes open for new opportunities that will allow you to continually feel good, and go to the waterfall of abundance with a bigger vessel than you have used in the past.

Re-Energize Yourself with the Big Picture

If you notice yourself bogging down in the little details of your actions, remind yourself of the big picture. If you have focused upon the details of your goals and dreams often, as suggested, you won’t bog down for long.

As soon as you catch even a glimpse of your overall dream, you will automatically shift into high gear and put all of your attention and power into whatever activity you are doing right now. The more you do this deliberately, the more you will notice that it begins to happen by itself.

(This is the end of part 3. Go to part 4.)

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