The Subtle Side of Manifestation – part 1 of 4

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The information in this article will provide you with some necessary tools to become independent and wealthy, if that is what you choose. Some people are not interested in becoming wealthy and that’s fine.

For some, a small, part-time income is enough. Others want freedom from the 9-to-5 grind and dream of an on-going income that will comfortably support their family. Others aim for the top and are determined to settle for nothing less than a fortune. Whatever your financial dreams are, this article was designed to help you make them come true. You may not be interested in building a fortune now, but in case you want to someday, you will know how.

There are two sides to any business. The obvious side includes your particular style of shuffling papers, or rearranging things in such a way that an income is created. The subtle side of your business covered in this article is not as obvious at first, but (I believe) infinitely important.

This collection of ideas about the subtle side of attracting wealth helped me learn important principles. The process of gathering these ideas together and then expressing them as simply and clearly as possible made it easier for me to incorporate them into my daily life.

Each individual decides for himself what to consider truth. The following principles are tested and proven in my experience; therefore, I consider them truth . . . truth for me. If you can use some of these ideas to help your business and enrich your life, please do. Help yourself to these enriching ideas, take what you can use, and move ahead in your own unique way.

My objective in making this article available is to share ideas that have been most helpful and inspiring in my experience. Beyond that, my hope is that you will be not only inspired, but moved to act on what you discover.

My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that these ideas can help you to act on the strength of your dreams. My vision for “The Subtle Side” is that it will help you to assume the responsibility of making your own dreams come true . . . and move you to do something about it. These ideas have made a profound difference in the quality of life of many people, including myself. I sincerely hope they make a difference in your life too.

If you find yourself raising your eyebrows here and there, just remember the importance of considering new ideas with an open mind. (The human mind is like a parachute. It works much better when it’s open!)

The Subtle Side of Manifestation
How to Make Your Biggest Dreams Come True

One of life’s biggest pleasures is sharing; giving of yourself, your time, your money. To help others most, first we must help ourselves. It is useless for the blind to lead the blind. In order to be of useful service to others, we must first be the best we can be and do the best we can do. The principles of the subtle side can be applied to anything you want to accomplish. In the context of this article, we will focus upon the desire to become financially independent.

The Laws of Nature Apply to Us All

First, we must firmly believe that it is possible to make as much money as we would like to make. However much that is to you, I’m going to call it financial independence throughout this article. It does not take any special gift or talent to become financially independent. There are very talented people who are poor, and rich people with little or no natural talent. Whatever talent or skill is needed for your own journey to financial independence can be learned along the way.

This article will deal with some mental mechanics, some basic laws of nature, and how they relate to making even your biggest dreams come true; specifically, the desire to become financially independent. If you can read and understand simple ideas, you can become wealthy if you put into practice what you learn.

If anyone in your town can succeed, so can you. If anyone in your country can become wealthy, so can you. If it can be done, you can do it. Everyone is born with the same potential power and ability to understand and use the laws of nature to his benefit. The only difference is that some people realize they have that power and potential . . . others do not.

Plenty to Go Around

We must understand and believe the fact that there is an abundance in nature. There is plenty to go around. The visible part of nature is practically endless and inexhaustible. The invisible side of nature really is endless and inexhaustible.

Every visible detail originally came from this invisible side of nature. It is called many different names in different cultures and different centuries. Pick any name you are comfortable with. Just be careful not to get so hung up on your particular name for it that you miss the magnificence and grandeur the name is referring to. For the sake of simplicity, I will call it the Life Force.

Nature is not poor. If a man is poor, living in the midst of nature, it is because he has not yet learned how to help himself to nature’s bounty. It is his to enjoy, as long as he obeys nature’s laws.

As long as we play by the rules, there is no reason to deprive ourselves, and no way of keeping us from enjoying the riches nature is happy to provide.

Nature provides a waterfall of abundance that is never ending. We can go to the waterfall with a thimble or a barrel or a tanker train. The waterfall itself doesn’t care how much or how little we take. The abundance will keep flowing, and it’s completely up to each of us as to how much we can hold. The limitation is not the waterfall, but the vessel that we take to the waterfall.

The principles of “The Subtle Side” will show you how to take any size vessel you choose to the waterfall, and then, about the time when you think your vessel is full, you will realize that the waterfall of abundance is inside of you and inexhaustible.

It is ridiculous to think it is wrong or sinful to want more out of life. Here’s why: All of life is constantly growing and expanding. In man, this very same urge is translated into the desire to experience more, do more, give more, be more, have more, and share more. This is simply the natural progression and expansion of all life as experienced by one person at a time.

Every living thing in nature is moving. Life does not stand still. Everything is either growing or dying, expanding or contracting, becoming more or becoming less. Our lives become either richer or poorer.

The Basic Urge of All Life

The spark of life stirs within a small acorn. It sprouts and grows a tiny twig with a few leaves. The Life Force continues to expand until the tiny acorn becomes a mighty oak tree. It produces thousands of acorns, which also become mighty oak trees, and so on. Your desire to become financially independent, to experience more in your life, is the same basic urge that makes the tree grow. It is life itself, or the Life Force within you, expanding and seeking fulfillment.

Thoughts Mold Matter

We have the power and ability to make an impression on the Life Force by the thoughts we think. Any thought pressed upon the Life Force by the power of our attention creates form here on nature’s visible side. It is true that things are created by our hands. But first, before anything can be given form, it must be conceived in thought. The thought of the thing is the first cause. Here is a clear example:

If you take a key or a coin and press it firmly into a lump of clay, you get a perfect pattern of that key or coin. If you were to pour plaster or bronze into the mold, you would get an identical copy of the original.

It works the same way when we hold a clear enough picture in our minds. That clear mental image is filled with Life Force as is returned to us on nature’s visible side exactly as we imagined it.

What you get is determined directly by what you think.

This basic law of nature is absolutely impersonal. It always works using the thoughts you put into it. If you press a coin into the clay, and fill the mold with plaster or bronze, you are not surprised when you really do produce a coin. You are not expecting a key or a ring.

Likewise, if you are always dwelling on how poor you are, and how tough your life is, why should you be surprised to see those exact conditions manifesting around you?

Cause and Effect

You get out of life exactly what you put into it. This principle is also expressed in many different ways. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

When a farmer plants wheat, he is not surprised when he harvests his wheat crop later in the season. He was not expecting corn or cotton. He planted wheat.

Sir Isaac Newton described this principle as one of the basic fundamental laws of physics: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Some call it karma. In simple terms, it is the law of cause and effect.

We, as thinking creatures, have the power to choose whether we will be cause or effect. When we are effect, we can’t seem to get anything going our way. You’ve seen people in this situation: No matter what, things are always happening to them, and they just can’t seem to find the handle to their life. Instead of constructive activity toward a specific goal, they usually just wait to see what happens.

If Life Force is flowing to you from outside (if life is just something that “happens to you”), you are not being creative. Instead, you are simply being an effect of external conditions.

When we focus our thoughts and attention on what we want to experience in our lives, our outflow is creative. We are the cause, not the effect.

We choose the circumstances of our lives according to the thoughts we choose to think.

So, it is absolutely important to monitor our thoughts and dwell upon only that which we would like to create. It doesn’t make any sense to dwell upon what we would like to avoid. Don’t dwell upon being broke, even if that is your present (but temporary) condition. That’s like pressing a key into the clay and hoping for a coin.

The Law of Attraction

Whatever you think about attracts more similar thoughts. As you focus on your dreams, more and more thoughts are attracted that will support and strengthen your vision. This momentum of thought will attract to you the object of your desire.

Likewise, if you aren’t paying attention and let your mind wonder about all the reasons it won’t work, more and more similar thoughts are attracted until you are buried in an avalanche of doubt.

A fleeting negative thought won’t cause much of a problem for you, unless you dwell upon it and let that thought grow into two, which grows into four, which grows into eight, and so on.

Let this natural exponential growth of thought work in your favor, rather than against you by gently guiding your attention back to your dream whenever you notice a negative thought rear it’s ugly head. To make your biggest dreams come true, you really can’t afford the luxury of indulging in negative thoughts.

(This is the end of part 1. Go to part 2.)

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