The Subtle Side of Manifestation – part 2 of 4

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Receiving Communications from the Life Force

Negative emotion is a clear indication that you are moving away from your dream rather than toward it.

If you are doing a good job of focusing your attention on your dream, the law of attraction brings more and more thoughts that support your process of manifesting your dream. You’re on track, and it makes you feel good.

If you notice that you feel bad and you can’t figure out why, examine your predominate thoughts and feelings about your dream. You will probably find that you have slipped into the area of doubt and the Law of Attraction has added more and more thoughts that support your doubtful thinking. The negative emotion you feel is a gentle nudge from the Life Force alerting you to the fact that the Law of Attraction is working against you in that particular moment, and that your thoughts are pushing away your dream rather than attracting it.

Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the negative emotion itself, because the Law of Attraction will add more of the same until you feel horrible. To get back on track, all you have to do is immediately turn your attention to your dream, and the Law of Attraction will again help the positive thoughts grow, and your negative emotion will disappear.

Be Aware of How You Feel

When you feel good, you are creating well, and your thoughts are in line with what you want. When you feel bad, you are still creating, but you are not creating what you want. Your negative emotions are alerting you to the fact that there is something important that you want, but right now, your present thoughts are moving you away from it instead of toward it. You can trust these feelings. They don’t lie.

Paying attention to the way you feel is easier than monitoring your thoughts. Thoughts are fast, fleeting and countless. This makes it hard to constantly be on the lookout for a negative trend of thought. Instead, just notice how you feel.

But, there are only two basic emotions, although they are called by dozens of different names. You either feel good or you feel bad. When you notice you are feeling bad, it’s a clear indication that your thoughts have changed direction without you noticing, and they are now taking you away from what you most desire.

Reaffirm Your Dreams Regularly

In this era of information overload, it’s important to revisit our dreams and intentions often to keep on track. The media especially, and other people (even the well-intentioned ones), are a constant source of negativity that can work against you if you let them.

Take a few moments every day to enjoy your dream in your mind’s eye. Your mental arena is private property and is off limits to anyone and anything who might try to pollute the clarity of your thought with their negativity. Just be alone with your thoughts and dreams and enjoy the emotions and gratitude (in advance) that will accompany the fulfillment of your dreams.

You can call it dream time, quiet time, prayer time, meditation time, or whatever else you want to call it. The important thing is to do it regularly, and make it an important and special part of your life. When you realize the importance of this daily “alone time” and experience how good it makes you feel, it’s easy to make it a priority.

These are the seed moments from which you grow the rest of your life.

Teamwork with the Universe

The Life Force flows through us and we are distributors for it. This is a gift beyond measure. It’s important for us to accept this as our responsibility to life, and do our part to make the most of it. We must do our part in the creative scheme of things and not expect the Life Force to do for us what it can only do through us.

We hold the key by choosing the thoughts we think. No matter what our outward conditions are, we must concentrate on the conditions we would like to create. When our attention is creative and positive, we are being cause, and we are creating future outward conditions that we choose. If our outward conditions are of poverty, and we focus our thoughts on it, we will create more of the same for the future.

Clarity is the Key

In order to make an impression on the Life Force (in order to make a mold in the lump of clay), we must clearly define what we want to create. The basic key to this technique is in the word, “clearly.”

That’s why goals are so important. Not just generalized, someday goals, but specific, detailed goals spelled out crystal clear with an exact date specified as to when these goals are to be accomplished. Write them down.

If you have not done this yet, consider how much it could help you reach your dreams, and take five minutes to do it right now.

Specifics Work

You must know exactly what you want, and communicate it clearly to the Life Force. Only then will your ideas manifest in nature’s visible side. If you were going to write a letter to a friend, you wouldn’t just write down the alphabet a few times, add some dots and dashes and maybe a few question marks. You wouldn’t expect him to rearrange the letters and make sense out of it and know that you wanted him to pick you up at the airport.

Likewise, you must visualize your goals (as well as write them down), if you expect your message to get through. Here is a simple exercise to help you focus on your what is really most important to you.

A Flight of Fancy to Focus Your Dreams

Imagine that you suddenly were presented with a million dollars to do with as you please. (Or, present yourself with a hundred million, if that’s what it takes to jump-start your imagination.)

What would you do with your time tomorrow? What would you do next week? Next month? Who would you like to be with? Where would you go? What would you buy? Exactly how would you choose to spend your days?

Grab a sheet of paper and write down whatever comes to mind. Don’t judge it and don’t put any limits on yourself. Just write down what you would do if money were no object. Give your mind and your dreams free rein to go wherever they will, and just enjoy the ride.

This little flight of fancy can be an important journey of self-discovery. This exercise in unbridled visualization is a good first step in experiencing your dreams in the visible side of nature too. Remember that all things must begin first in thought.

Enlist the Help of All Your Senses

Visualization is more than seeing with the eyes. Besides the clear mental image, it also includes feeling, and expectation, and a total inner experiencing of what you are imagining. Every thought you think is creative, but the thoughts accompanied by strong emotions create the quickest.

So when you are visualizing your dream, see it clearly, smell it, hear it, feel it , taste it, and especially imagine clearly how it will make you feel when you accomplish your goal.

If your dream and goal is to someday have a house in the tropics, proceed to graphically explore the details in your mind’s eye. Feel the warm ocean breeze flow through your hair. Hear the gentle rustling as it moves through the palm trees in your front yard. Hear the waves hit the beach, taste the salty air and smell the fragrance of flowers that fills the air. Walk up the front steps in your mind’s eye and take a leisurely tour of your dream home, room by room. Look out the picture window. What do you see? Run your hand across the fine wood cabinets in the kitchen. How does it feel? Open the window in the bedroom. What do you hear outside?

Fill in the blanks. You get the picture. You can’t overdo it here. Take your time and really enjoy this visualization. Let yourself go. Have fun with this and believe it is on its way to you on nature’s visible side too. Go ahead and feel sincere gratitude for it.

Feel the gratitude in the same way as if you just got the key to the front door . . . because YOU DID!

The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude ties us closer to the Life Force. It keeps the lines of communication open and makes us receptive to what we have created in thought. It is an outpouring of love, appreciation and thankfulness.

In your imagination, feel gratitude for your dream even before it manifests. Be grateful for it, as if it has already manifested. Your gratitude is not presumptuous. It is more of an attitude of ownership that you are assuming. It is even stronger than faith. It is more like certainty.

Know it. Know that your dream is on the way to you.

Make Your Creative Visualizations a Regular Habit

Review your goals and dreams regularly by visualization. Use your leisure time to take another mental and emotional tour of your house. How does it feel to be in your house, enjoying the sights and smells? How does it make you feel to accomplish such a satisfying goal? What does it do for your confidence and self-image?

Be sure to enjoy this constructive, deliberately directed attention. Remember, you are being cause now, not effect. You are building your own personal dream catcher.

Mental laziness won’t get the job done. Your dreams and desires must be stronger than the tendency to be a mental sloth. Grab your dreams with the firm grip of your focused visualizations, and have a nice ride in your imagination.

Don’t Sabotage Your Dreams

When you set a creation in motion by your thoughts, all sorts of unforeseen events begin to line up in such a way as to bring you the object of your desires. Be careful not to work against yourself by entertaining doubt.

For instance, if you focus on your tropical dream home, but follow that with “practical” thoughts about how much it costs and where the money could possibly come from, you are sending the Life Force mixed signals.

In effect, the Life Force is “hearing” from you, “I want it. I don’t want it. I deserve it. I don’t deserve it. I can have it. I can’t have it.”

One idea cancels out the other and nothing happens. Whenever you notice your mind slipping into old patterns of doubt and negative thinking, gently steer it back to your dream.

Your job is to hold a clear picture with feeling. Let the universe figure out the “how.” It has considerably more resources to work with than you do.

(This is the end of part 2. Go to part 3.)

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