The Subtle Side of Manifestation – part 4 of 4

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For the Good of the Whole

In order to work harmoniously with the Life Force, your dreams and goals must be good for the whole of life. Remember that it needs you as much as you need it. You need it to help you accomplish whatever you choose. It needs you for the experience of ever expanding life.

You are the channel between the visible and invisible side of nature. You are right between the visible realm of matter and the invisible Life Force, with one foot in each world.

Create your goals in such a way that they will benefit everyone and all of life when you materialize them. In this way, all of life is on your side, working with you.

Once again, the best way to help others is to be the most and best of yourself. Seek to be happy and content within yourself first. If you don’t, you have nothing of real value to offer anyone else. So make it a priority to maximize your potential, forever growing into the very best possible version of yourself.

Being Creative is More Satisfying than Being Competitive

This method of realizing your dreams is the creative approach. It is dramatically different from the more common competitive approach.

The competitive approach is narrow and suffocating. It is stressful and those who come in contact with it are more likely to have a negative experience when the competitive approach steps on their toes.

Instead, create your dreams in such a way that your associates become wealthier because of their association with you. You do this by making a policy of always giving more in use value than the cash value you receive.

If your dream is to create financial independence, your associates also become independent, and all of life supports your endeavors and cheers you along. It’s the positive, creative, expanding approach.

We don’t need to compete for what has already been created by somebody else. Instead, we can create for ourselves whatever we need or want.

It won’t just suddenly pop out of the invisible and land at your feet with a thud. Your financial independence will be made possible through the typical channels of business endeavor, but your keen attention will alert you to opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Your activity, fueled by the strength of your dreams, will drive you on and put you in the position of receiving what you desire . . . and deserve.

You Are Helping Others, Even When You Don’t Know It

Always assume that you are progressing and that your dreams are on the way. You are moving forward and getting closer to your goal of financial independence every day. And, by becoming financially independent in such a way that benefits the whole, all of life is on your team and shares in your growth.

Many times, you will help other people and never even know it. Your attitude and example will inspire others. The Life Force within them begins to stir when they see it is possible to advance toward their dreams in a creative manner.

If you can grow into the understanding that your desire for financial independence is really nothing other than the Life Force within you seeking more abundant life, there is nothing that can stop you. This is the creative approach to helping the poor.

If you enjoy the thought of being a philanthropist, by all means give away money and come to the aid of your favorite charities. However, you won’t become financially independent by dwelling on poverty.

The way you can be the most help is by your example. Be creative. Others will notice, become inspired and help themselves. If you want to help the poor, help yourself first. It’s like the old story of giving a hungry boy a fish. That’s great. He will eat for a day. But, if you teach him how to fish, and inspire him by your own example, he can eat for a lifetime.

Do It Now, Talk About It Later

As you begin to put these ideas into action, remember the importance of believing in what you are doing. Later, your power base will be so strong, and your momentum so great, that any little doubts passing by will be quickly brushed aside. But at first, you may be vulnerable to negative influences.

Don’t piddle away your power by excessive talking about your dreams and goals. Just keep quiet and do it. Then, you can show people what you’ve done instead of telling them about what you plan to do.

We are known by what we do . . . not by what we say we do.

Others may try to discourage you. Often they mean well, but they just can’t imagine anyone creating financial independence. That is exactly what is holding them back. They can’t imagine it.

Save the talk until you can demonstrate. It carries more weight, and your example can be a life-changing inspiration to other people’s habitual negative attitude.

Light Their Candle with Yours

As you make a habit of assuming success, other people will notice and be drawn to you. Everybody likes to be associated with people on the way up. It makes them feel that they are on the way up too . . . and they are! Why? Because you have structured your business activities in such a way that everyone you come in contact with benefits from the transaction.

People will literally flock to your business, because the creative center and the Life Force that is in you is also in them, and it is also seeking expression for more abundant life through them. Your interaction can be a catalyst that stirs their imagination and helps them to begin taking responsibility of creating their own dreams.

The Limitations of Other Needn’t Slow You Down

Why would a person ever make the less appealing choice? Why would anyone ever choose poverty over financial independence?

Maybe it’s deliberately chosen at some level to “round out” their experience. Or, maybe they never yet realized the creative center is inside themselves and never realized that it’s their choice. Maybe they are the kind who would rather not see you gain financial independence so their life doesn’t look so bad by comparison. They might even try to slow you down and hold you back. Some people just feel taller by cutting off other people’s heads.

Whatever the reason someone else is currently locked into limitation, that needn’t affect you, unless you allow it. Their belief system and predominate thoughts are creating their reality, just as your belief system and predominate thoughts are creating yours.

Work on Yourself, Not Others

Beware of the temptation to hold power over others. Never direct your willpower at another person. All your mental mastery is performed right here at home, and does not require trying to influence other people to do your wishes. This is not creative and will eventually backfire on you, doing more harm than good.

Instead, grant everyone around you their freedom. Maybe they will learn from your example, or maybe your demonstration of abundance will rub off on them. Maybe, by your example, they will become acquainted with their own creative center.

If not, leave them alone. It is not necessary to try to change anyone . . . even “for their own good.” How could we possibly know what is best for them?

They will eventually learn how to create for themselves from their own creative center using the same Life Force . . . and they will do it in their own unique way. Just because they may be a slower learner, don’t let that slow you down.

Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones

Constantly reach for your dreams like a tree growing toward the light, but also be flexible like the willow flowing in the breeze.

Every detail of your plan is unlikely to go as smoothly and easily as you would like. There are always little surprises that could be taken for apparent setbacks or failures. Don’t ruin your groundwork by entertaining doubts and negative attitudes.

Look beyond your first impression of the “failure” for possible unseen benefits. Maybe something better is lurking just beyond the apparent “setback.” Serendipities are often disguised as setbacks. You might never have seen it if things would have gone just exactly as you had planned. In the long-range scheme of things, this “failure” might make your dream come true even faster than you had imagined.

Keep your attention on the big picture and keep your attitude positive. Then, any setback can become an important lesson, a stepping-stone instead of a stumbling block.

With the proper mental attitude and a determined focus on your dream, you can use any experience to propel you toward your dream faster, instead of away from it.

“The Subtle Side of Manifestation”
Step-by-Step Summary

In a nutshell, if your dream is financial independence, here’s how to approach it from the subtle side:

(1) Contemplate the Life Force as the basic building block of nature, and know that it works in and through you.

(2) Visualize your dream clearly, and allow the invisible Life Force to bring it toward you through the usual visible channels according to the laws of nature.

(3) Take creative action now based upon feeling good, and put yourself in the position to take ownership of your dream when the opportunity arises.

(4) Feel gratitude as you visualize your dream regularly. This keeps the communication lines open with the Life Force, and brings the object of your visualization to you quicker.

(5) Make sure to visualize your dream in such a way that it is for the good of the whole. Then, the power of the universe is on your side, and nothing can stop you from reaching your dream.

Read this article often until these ideas are crystal clear and obvious to you. The results you get from these techniques will be in direct proportion to the clarity of your visualization, the joy of your action, and the depth of your gratitude.

It Always Works, for Better or Worse

The methods outlined here are impersonal laws of nature.

They work for better or for worse, whether or not you are aware of them.

They work for better or worse, whether or not you believe in them.

You can compare these laws to the law of gravity. Your feet stick to the ground whether or not you understand how the principle of gravity works, and whether or not you believe in it. It is not necessary to understand the mechanics of it in order to keep from floating off into space.

With these techniques, you can create health and wealth, or you can create sickness and poverty. Everyone uses these principles every day, although unfortunately most people do it in such a way as to work against themselves.

They focus their attention on what they want to avoid instead of what they want to attract, and unknowingly bring sickness and poverty into their lives.

You are constantly recreating your life by the thoughts you think. When you focus your attention on something you want, that is deliberate creation. When you let your mind wander and dwell on the things you do not want, that is still creation. It is not deliberate creation, but the laws of nature are still at work bringing into your life whatever you focus your attention upon.

Be aware of where your mind wanders, and be sure you are creating what you want on purpose instead of what you don’t want, accidentally. The laws of the universe are going to bring you what you think about, whether or not you really want it.

So, your job is to train your mind to dwell upon only that which you really want.

It’s easy to do by simply paying attention to the way you feel. Do you feel bad? Then your current thoughts are moving you away from what you most want.

Are you feeling good? Then your thoughts are attracting what you most want.

Make sure to see your goal in the context of how it can benefit the whole. The power of the universe will be on your side, and the riches you will ultimately gain will dwarf your original idea of riches.


No, if you make these ideas an everyday part of your life, it will be


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