Kryon Discovery Retreat Review

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Last week-end, Janey and I attended a three-day event at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. It’s called the Kryon Discovery Series – An Interactive Retreat featuring the profound core teachings of Kryon.

It was produced by our long-time friends, Dr. Sid Wolf and Dr. Amber Wolf. The main attraction was Lee Carroll, prolific author and channel for Kryon.

We were invited to play music each day as part of the program, so we had the double privilege of being participants as well as contributors to the event.

About a hundred people attended and everyone I talked to had a positive experience. By the end of the event on Sunday afternoon, everyone was glowing. It was a profoundly moving experience for most, and I know of at least a few who had a life-changing catharsis.

An Inspiring Diversity of Fascinating People

The teamwork was impressive as so many experts were available to share their expertise with everyone attending. Knowledge and wisdom were flowing not only from the presenters, but also from the people attending the event. Participants brought inspiration and experience from literally all over the world. I was amazed at how many people came from Europe, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, as well as from all over the U.S. There was so much to do and see and experience and learn, the time flew by and seemed too short, even though it was a three-day event.

The Producers and Hosts of the Event

Dr. Sid Wolf was the primary architect of the group exercises. His credentials include a lifetime of service in the healing arts as a psychologist, with a PhD in counseling. He’s a holistic health practitioner, certified Rolfer, and for the last decade or so, specializing in a fascinating healing modality called “Body Talk.” His expertise and forty years of experience was evident as the events of the weekend unfolded. He guided everyone through a series of exercises in small groups of five people. We met once a day with the same people in our small groups. Layer upon layer of superfluous personal baggage fell away, revealing our connection to one another in profound ways.

Along with his wife, Dr. Amber, Dr. Sid also served as M.C. His style is casual, although it’s apparent that his knowledge and experience is deep and wide. His delivery is friendly and warm, and his quirky sense of humor had us laughing constantly. The profundity of the experience had many weeping because of the deep, personal revelations discovered as a result of the processes designed by Sid and Amber. Other people had tears streaming down their face because there were some hilarious moments.

Dr. Amber was the perfect counterpart to Sid’s contribution. She has a very calming, deep spiritual presence that helped set the tone for the experience. She led everyone in powerful meditations, including two that she has recorded: Alpha Healing Access and Healing Wave Meditations — Your Divine Flame, Letting Go Into Deep Sleep.

Both Sid and Amber have been working with Lee Carroll for many years and their friendship and playfulness were contagious. Everyone responded to the obvious love and camaraderie shared among them. Their light-hearted style drove home the point that spirituality can be playful, joyous and spontaneous. Their example permeated the room throughout the weekend, and by the end of the retreat, everyone seemed to get it: personal development and spirituality is FUN!

The Main Attraction

For me, the main highlight of the entire event was meeting Lee Carroll. We had never met him before this event, and didn’t know what to expect from such a famous guy. We were delighted with his casual manner, his sincere kindness, and his wonderfully spontaneous sense of humor. He is one of the funniest people we have ever met. That’s a significant realization, considering we’ve been in show biz for 30 years together and have met many other entertainers, including professional comedians.

Lee is in a different league. His humor is not the result of skits or gags or scripts or memorized jokes. Instead, it seems to overflow from his joyous heart, his infinitely deep spiritual commitment, his keen intellect, and his childlike, playful spirit. He trusts his spontaneity completely, and appears to hear the humor for the first time, at the same time as the audience, and enjoys it right along with them.

If you’ve never heard of Lee Carroll or the Kryon books or the channelling process, here’s a brief overview in Lee’s own words. This is from book 11 — Lifting the Veil: The New Energy Apocalypse (Kryon). See my brief review of this and two other Kryon books here.

New to Channelling?

“I don’t have an evangelistic work. In other words, I don’t have a doctrine for you to accept, and I don’t really wish you to dump your old ways and see mine as great. What I really want is somehow for the channeled messages to open a door within you, expanding what you might think of yourself, and for you to examine some information of what most of the masters on the planet tried to teach us. Do this, and it might expand the horizons of the reality of your spirituality.”

From the Kryon Website: “Channelling Definition: The divine, inspired words (or energy) of God as imparted to Humans by Humans.”

Sacred Paths are Many

One of the things I appreciate most about Lee Carroll is his obvious commitment to the information coming through him. Of everyone I’ve ever known, Lee is the most ego-free. He has no possessive sense of ownership or monopoly of the truth. Instead, he honors and speaks highly of others who bring light to the planet in their own way, even if it’s different from his way. (And even if it’s very similar to his own way — other channelers, for instance.) This fact is demonstrated by his willingness to team up with other channellers and present programs together, each contributing their unique version of the truth.

The Reluctant One

If this was all Lee Carroll did, it would be amazing, even potentially earth-changing, but it’s just the start. He is known as “the reluctant channel” because, on the surface, it appears that he didn’t exactly choose this life. It chose him.

He used to be the kind of person who would roll his eyes at all this woo-woo (his word), and chuckle under his breath at the absurdity of it all. All this new age stuff is invisible, right? So, you can’t prove any of it. How convenient!

Lee’s background was very left-brained, linear and logical. He was a successful engineer and owned his own recording studio for about 30 years. He struck me as being very intelligent and has a love of understanding things scientifically. This particular trait makes for a fascinating dichotomy. The leading-edge information about spirituality and personal development described in the Kryon work is primarily invisible. At first brush, it’s not provable. It’s beyond the scope of the five senses, and therefore not in the scientific arena, by definition. Or, is it?

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

For someone like Lee, it’s not enough to simply deliver the information. Instead, for 18 years, he has been scrambling around behind the scenes “connecting the dots.” He seems passionate about finding and reporting on the scientific evidence that supports the information given by Kryon. The result is an amazing combination of the metaphysical and the scientific. The gap between spirituality and science is closing and Lee’s work is on the cutting edge of helping people see the bigger picture hinted at by the quantum physicists. (See previous article: “Beyond Science, Philosophy and Religion“).

Witnessing the Channel

During the weekend, Lee channeled Kryon three different times. It was fascinating to see the process, as well to experience Lee’s casual manner about it. To say it was inspiring would be an under-statement. I was introduced to the Kryon material about ten years ago by Dr. Sid Wolf, and I have read all of the Kryon books. I’m familiar with the material, but to witness Kryon’s delivery from only a few feet away was a special spiritual treat.

The “New” Science Forecasted by Kryon

On Sunday, Lee presented a narrated slide show on his on-going research to validate and substantiate the Kryon information. It included information about the shifting of the earth’s magnetic grid, the evolution of human DNA, and our growing understanding of what was once called “junk DNA.” It now appears to be much more important than junk – perhaps even playing an important role in our awakening inter-dimensional awareness.

It would be amusing, if it wasn’t so sad, to admit that we humans see something we’ve yet to understand, and decide to call it “junk.” A better use of the word may be to describe our arrogant style of trying to force new discoveries into old paradigms.

Another fascinating part of Lee’s presentation was a six-minute video clip of gifted children in Japan who have the ability to learn in an entirely different way. Most of us were taught all the small pieces, one at a time, in a linear, sequential manner. From an understanding of all the pieces, we are expected to deduce the whole.

These special kids already seem to be aware of the whole. They see the big picture, and have the ability to learn spatially, holistically, and intuitively. The video showed them “reading” by simply fanning the pages of a book quickly several times and then reporting on the details.

Another youngster, probably about eight years old, was able to report the theme of the book simply by placing his hand on the cover. This is even more remarkable than reporting the facts and details in a book because the theme is not described in the words of the book. He got a holistic understanding of concepts that are beyond the words themselves.

There was much more awe-inspiring information in this scientific segment of the program. Ah-ha moments came often. I was soaking it up like a spiritually parched sponge. I felt like it was over way too soon. I could have been there for hours watching Lee “connect the dots.” You can catch a glimpse of more of Lee’s discoveries and insights here.

A Gig to Remember

On Friday and Saturday evening, before Lee’s channel, and again on Sunday afternoon, Janey and I were invited to play music. We played six songs on Friday night, right before the evening channel. We performed six more on Saturday, followed by the evening channel. Then, we played two more songs as a farewell at the end of the event on Sunday.

Were we nervous? Yes, a little at first, but the audience was so enthusiastic and loving, the experience was a pure joy.

Seconds before we took the stage on Saturday night, Lee turned to me and asked, “Ready?” My reply came quick and clear, “I’ve been getting ready for this moment my entire life.” What an honor to be a part of such a profound program! We made many new friends and became reacquainted with some old friends.

Genuine, Personable, Accessible and Fun

One of the most incredible aspects of the weekend was Lee’s accessibility. He’s available, just one of the folks, like family, usually hovering around with his Nikon camera, documenting the details of the retreat.

At one point, our conversation turned to websites. I mentioned this site and told him I had recently decided to make all our songs from all eight of our CDs available to hear online free, as streaming mp3s. He said he had recently done the same thing with the Kryon channels.

As of this writing, there are 69 channellings of Kryon available from live events around the globe since 1997. This list is continually updated. They can be read free online or printed out. Here’s the link to the printed transcripts. Some of these are also available as free audio downloads.

By request, Lee has also been invited to channel Kryon at the United Nations — six times! Those channels can be accessed here.

Later in the conversation about websites, Lee mentioned he was curious to see if book sales would diminish, but they remained steady, even with the same material available online for free. We talked about giving and contributing without preconceived assumptions or attachments to outcomes. And then, he probably said something hilarious, and I laughed until my sides ached. (Again.) Did I mention he was funny? And warm? And real? And inspiring? What an amazing person!

The Next Kryon Discovery Retreat

As you can see on the Kryon website (on the “Seminar and Conferences” page), there are several opportunities to go to a Kryon event (about 60 per year), but this Kryon Discovery Series is unique — it happens only once a year. We have been asked to return next year with our music (and quickly inked it into our calendar). Here’s another link with many photos of the 2007 event, including many of the attendees as well as the people mentioned in this article. There’s even a few of Janey and I doing our “Laughing Bird” thing. If all those great photos look like fun, that’s because it was!

The dates for next year’s event are September 26, 27 and 28, 2008. If you are interested in attending next year, here’s a link with a list of all the up-coming Kryon events. As the time draws nearer to September of 2008, this Discovery Series Retreat at the Sunrise Ranch will be listed (although it’s not listed yet, as of October 2007.) By January, it should be listed.

The 11th Annual Kryon Summer-Light Conference™

Earlier I mentioned how Lee Carroll sometimes teams up with other channellers at the same event. There will be three others joining Lee at this Kryon Reunion. (Geoff Hoppe, Steve Rother, and Ronna Herman. Ronna was responsible for helping to get Kryon noticed by sharing her experience and contacts with Lee when he was just starting in 1995.) This is the “flag-ship” event of the year and is being held in beautiful Sedona, Arizona on June 13, 14 and 15. We have been asked to perform at this event too, and are delighted to be opening the seminar on Friday. For complete details, here’s the link: Kryon Reunion in Sedona.


The songs we chose to perform at the Kryon Discovery Retreat are listed below. (You can listen to 12 of the 14 songs online. “Life is an Art” has not been recorded yet — next CD. “Merlin’s Magic Spoons” is very visual and appears only on our DVD entitled, “Celebrate the Journey.”) Throughout the weekend, behind the various activities and meditations, they played our instrumental CDs entitled, “Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light” – Volume One and Volume Two. This is the music offered at the beginning of most of these articles that you can listen to while reading.

Basking in the Warm Glow of an Amazing Experience

I drove away from the Sunrise Ranch deeply grateful that there are people like Lee Carroll in the world, and Dr. Sid Wolf, and Dr. Amber Wolf, and my wife Janey – busy going about the work they are inspired to do. They move us, open us up to new potentials, and help us see the bigger picture. These angels-in-disguise offer the wisdom of their experience to bring us understanding, laughter and joy in the sacred process of our own personal development.

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Angels Around Us
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All That We Take With Us
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Be Kind
Your example and the kindness shown to others can have a rippling affect that goes on and on.

Blue Water
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Story Belt
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Saturday night:

Life is an Art – (not recorded yet)

What Would Love Do Now
It’s tough to remember to ask yourself this question in the heat of the moment, but it can pay big dividends.

Who is the Watcher
Explores the silent witness within and the idea that life occurs in this present moment. Always.

Soul in the Stars
It feels good to try to see the bigger picture once in awhile,and to focus on gratitude for what we have, rather than the frustration of what we are lacking.

Merlin’s Magic Spoons
In this story, set to music, Janey finally reveals the secret of her famous magical spoons and how she learned to play them so well.

May You Have Joy
Have you ever felt a warm appreciation for someone in your life, and just wanted to wish them well?

Sunday Afternoon

Wrap Your Wings Around
Some call it intuition; others call it inner guidance. Whatever it is, once you begin to rely on it, it "sounds" mighty quiet when it seems to stop.

Celebrate Life
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