Life Drama as Blockage to Personal Development

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Some people seem to relish drama in their lives. They go from one catastrophe to another. They thrive on it as if drama is what makes them feel alive.

You may be able to see that they are attracting these experiences by their daily thoughts and feelings. But, they don’t recognize it from within the narrow confines of their personal drama.

To someone immersed in drama, the idea that they are creating it is completely foreign. They think, “Surely I would never choose . . . (fill-in-the-blank). They act as if such an idea is totally absurd.

There are two scenarios that can explain this kind of manifestation of drama:

1) They are not yet aware that thoughts and feelings are powerful creators, so the dramatic results created are not deliberate.

2) They have at least considered the idea of deliberate creation, but still have unidentified fears holding them back from further personal development. Rather than face those fears, it’s easier to continue to concoct daily drama drivel as an excuse to keep them from focusing on what is truly important.

Be Cause . . . It’s More Effective

Most of us interested in personal development have people in our lives who fit one of these two situations. Does that mean we have to be an effect of their drama in order to interact with them?

Practically speaking, yes, but it’s a matter of degrees. Until we attain the hallowed consciousness of total enlightenment, other people’s drama rubs off on us. But, there are things we can do to minimize the negative effect of these interactions.

Stay Centered

The best thing you can do is maintain your balance and stay connected to source energy. Just because the other person is drowning in drama as a result of their ego being in the driver’s seat, that doesn’t mean you have to join them there to interact with them.

Instead, do your best to allow your connection to spirit to infuse the relationship with the viewpoint of broader perspective. It’s not necessary to force this upon anyone against their will. It is enough for you to remain centered and focused on pure awareness, who you really are. The positive influence you contribute by such a focus is inevitable, even without any deliberate, specific attempts to help. Helpful energy oozes into the relationship simply by your dedication to your own balance and your mindfulness of who you really are.

Focus on Positive Attributes

Whenever you are in the company of someone dawdling in drama, do your best to ignore any of their personal attributes that annoy you. Instead, make a mental list of all their attributes you adore, and place your attention there. This mental exercise will help you interact with this person in the best possible way. As you focus your energy on these positive attributes, the other person responds by accentuating them. The less desirable attributes fade to the background when you are together as a natural result of withdrawing attention from them.

This shift can happen quickly, or it may require a period of time. But by focusing on their best attributes, your experience in the interaction is improved, and their emphasis is gradually shifted to their own positive attributes.

If the other person has any interest in your relationship, they will respond to your gentle emphasis of their most positive traits and their more abrasive traits will not come forward as often, when you are in their company. If the other person has no interest in your relationship, this process will not work as well, if at all. If this is the case, it’s a moot point anyway, because how long would you be inspired to endure an abrasive manner if the other person is not interested in a mutually satisfying relationship?

Personal Development Blockage

Some people may be aware of their potential power to create their lives deliberately, but for myriad reasons, they may be stuck in fear. They may be afraid of their own magnificence and sabotage their own growth with ongoing personal drama.

If the subconscious mind spoke, to might sound something like this: “I couldn’t possibly place any energy or attention on personal development with all this other stuff going on in my life. There’s no time for spiritual matters with the endless necessity of mundane details and sudden emergencies always clamoring for my attention.”

Personal Development is Preceded by the Desire for Personal Development

Of course, you cannot wish personal development upon someone else, no matter how much you think they need it. The desire for personal growth and spiritual development happens one person at a time. The best you can do when interacting with someone bent upon sabotaging their own growth with unnecessary drama is to remain centered yourself while keeping your attention focused upon their positive attributes. In time, the details of your interaction will gravitate around these areas, and your own connection to source will offer a positive influence in their life.

It’s not necessary for you to try to direct or orchestrate this influence in any way. In fact, you may be surprised and delighted in the details of your personal influence. On the other hand, you may never know any of the details of your influence, but you continue anyway simply because kindness feels good, and it’s the right thing to do.

“The way we live our life is like a pebble dropped, into a quiet pond,
It carries on just like a circle growing.
The ripples that we make may touch another shore, you may never know for sure,
How much you’ve helped someone without you knowing.
- from the song, “Be Kind” by Tupelo Kenyon

Be Mindful of This Moment to Make the Next One Better

Life doesn’t have to be an endless struggle from one personal drama to the next. Life can be fun, satisfying and joyful, from moment to moment. The thoughts we think, the pictures we envision, and the feelings we allow make all the difference.

Feel It . . . Then Let it Go

What if you are the one sinking into a whirlpool of personal drama? Recognizing it is the first step to pulling yourself out. Whatever the feeling is, experience it completely so you can let it go completely. Only when you are able to release any particular feeling, are you ready for the next one. If it’s a bad feeling, experience it and then release it so you are empty and available for the better feeling that is sure to come. It works the same way with good feelings. Experience it completely and then release it. Only then are you once again empty and available for an even better feeling.

Choose a Better Thought to Create a Better Feeling

The trick is to be aware of those thoughts, mental pictures and feelings so that you can deliberately make it better, and better, and better. Whenever you feel less than joyful, notice the thoughts and mental pictures that triggered the feelings. Retrace your thoughts for the last few minutes and be objective about them. Are they the kind of thoughts that help move you toward what you really want? Probably not.

Whenever you catch yourself sabotaging your dreams with sloppy thinking, right now, in this present moment, deliberately choose a thought that makes you feel better. If it makes you feel better, even a little, it is helping you move in the direction you want to go.

Once you have successfully turned yourself around and are once again moving toward your dreams with more appropriate thoughts, repeat the process. Choose a thought that feels a little better. Relish it, envision it, and pause to take notice of how you feel now. Better? If so, take another small step in the same direction. Choose another related thought that keeps you moving in your chosen direction, and continue to notice how you feel. (See previous article, “The Law of Attraction.”)

“You can drive yourself down the rocky back roads,
Bouncin’ up and down with the bumps.
Feed yourself garbage and your life is drivin’ you,
Spinnin’ wheels, down in the dumps.

Or you can live your life down the middle of the road,
Help yourself, by bein’ selective.
And live your life like a jambourie,
Be cause, it’s more effective.

Celebrate Life,
Celebrate Being Alive”
- from the song, “Celebrate Life” by Tupelo and Janey Kenyon (1983)

The Drama Drops Away When You Want It To

As you make a habit of this mindful state of becoming increasingly aware of your thoughts and the feelings they spawn, life becomes an ever-more joyous journey of deliberate creation. Drama drops away naturally.

What was once considered drama that snowballed out of control becomes simply examples of the contrasts of life to help you sharpen your preferences and shape your desires. Drama never spirals out of control again because you understand that you do have control. You control it by being mindful about choosing your thoughts and mental images deliberately to move you in the direction of your dreams. Your feelings tell you on a moment-to-moment basis if you are on track or not. If not, change your thoughts to change your feelings to change your life.

Some people catch on to this simple manifestation formula quicker than others. I have been aware of it for many years, but still occasionally forget and allow my thoughts to take me in the wrong direction, even though my feelings are offering obvious clues I’m on the wrong track. With practice, I have got better and better at it so the time that elapses before I catch on about my stinkin’ thinkin’ is smaller and smaller. There is always room for improvement if that is your intent.

Your Intent is the First Step To the Life of Your Dreams

It all begins with intent. If it is your choice to continually improve at deliberate manifestation, you are already well on your way. Your example will help to inspire others to open their minds to new ways of life, beyond drama. Your life will continue to unfold in pleasing ways, and your contributions to others add to your feeling of satisfaction, purpose and joy.

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