How to Accelerate Manifestation

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Whenever a new desire or grand plan is born within us, the tendency is to share it with others. Every time we talk about it, the energy of the dream seems to deflate a little more, until it becomes merely a topic of idle chatter.

Why is that? How can we add to the excitement and urgency of our dreams instead, and speed up their manifestation?

The Two Faces of Reality

All of creation can be divided into two areas: the realm of the seen and the realm of the unseen. In other words, everything we can experience through our five senses is one face of reality. Everything that is beyond the reach of our five senses is the other face of reality. Both realms are equally valid, and they fit together perfectly.

When it comes to manifestation, we are naturally concerned with the things that can be enjoyed through our senses. But where do these things come from?

That is a question for the quantum physicists and the consensus is that particles are not to be congratulated for their own creation. In the grand scheme of creation, according to the current understanding of quantum mechanics, the basic building blocks of physical reality do not spring forth from other particles. Instead, the world experienced through our senses originates from the other face of reality — the one beyond the reach of our senses. This is not a new idea. Our understanding of science is simply allowing us to understand it in new ways.

“The pure impulse of dynamic creation is formless; and being formless, the creation it gives rise to can assume any and every form.” – Kabbalah (BC 1200?-700? AD)

So, how does this idea help us to manifest our dreams more efficiently?

Ego and Spirit

We can think of the two faces of reality as the face of ego and the face of spirit. Ego perpetuates the illusion that it is a separate entity, cut off from all others and cut off from its source. Spirit is one, all-powerful, and the source of all manifestation. (Remember the quantum physicists’ conclusion that particles do not beget particles — instead, they are created from the other side, the side of spirit.)

You Are Identified With Which Side?

As long as we identify ourselves with ego, we cut ourselves off from this infinite power of creativity and manifestation. When we identify ourselves with the other face of reality, the face of spirit, we regain the wondrous gifts of our source. If creativity and manifestation is our goal, it makes sense to reconnect with spirit, the prime source of all creativity and manifestation. It also makes sense to minimize our identification with ego and its self-serving viewpoint and narrow field of reference.

“Instead of identifying yourself as a physical being who occasionally has a spiritual experience, why not identify yourself as a spiritual being now having a physical experience?” — paraphrased from Dr. Wayne Dyer

Why Do We Want to Talk About It?

When a dream is born, ego wants to share it with others. Perhaps this sharing takes the form of bragging, motivated by its longing to feel special for having such big plans and grand ideas. Or, perhaps the ego is looking for validation and agreement from others because of its own insecurities.

But it’s a dead-end street. Here’s why:

As you begin to explain your dream, others ask questions and express doubts that make you feel the need to defend your position. Their questions and their doubts can poison your resolve and give you second thoughts about the viability of your direction.

Your over-willingness to discuss your innermost dreams can be misinterpreted by others as an invitation for advice. In this case, you set yourself up for well intentioned, but misguided opinions about the logic, feasibility and rationality of your dreams, according to them. They may not understand that these dreams originate from the other side of reality, beyond the arena of such limitations as logic and rationality.

It’s important to recognize where such a retaliatory barrage comes from. Is it coming from the sphere of spirit, infusing your dreams with additional creativity and power to help speed up your manifestation? No, it’s coming from the face of ego, cut off from the power of all creation.

Why Do They Rain on Your Parade?

What motivates someone to throw such a wet blanket on your dreams? Are they jealous? Are they afraid you will succeed and excel and make them look bad? Even if their well-intentioned advice really does have your best interests at heart, what good can their ego-based viewpoint possibly do? So it’s best to quit talking about it and just do it.

Expressing Doubts About Your Own Dreams is Even Worse

Before you open your mouth to express doubts about a dream, ask yourself what you expect to accomplish. One of two things can happen:

1) The other person agrees completely and wholeheartedly, snowballing your small, previously insignificant doubt into an avalanche of negativity. This can take you off guard. It’s hard to recover from that. How do you go from back to the excitement of regaining the momentum of your dream?

2) The other person disagrees with you, so you keep talking to clarify your doubts and justify your position. You go on and on trying to make the other person understand why you are justified in doubting your dream. The more you do this, the bigger your doubt becomes until you kill your dream completely.

“Argue for your limitations and they are yours.” — Richard Bach (”Illusions”)

There’s no benefit in either scenario of chatting up your doubts, so it’s best to keep your mouth shut. Do a 180 in your mind and think about all the reasons why your dream will work. Or, put it on the shelf and reach for a bigger, better dream that inspires your excitement, commitment and enthusiasm for enlisting help from the other side of reality.

“Strength in numbers is the delight of the timid. The valiant in spirit glory in fighting alone.” — Gandhi (1869-1948)

An urge to talk about your deepest desires, your grandest dreams, as well as your doubts indicates a personal weakness looking for strength in numbers. The timid rarely reach their dreams. In fact, they usually don’t bother to try. They remain discontent, but mildly appeased as they look around the crowd and notice all the other unfulfilled people. From the vantage point of the ego, living a life of unfulfilled dreams seems normal.

“I’m taking a chance, a confident stance for jumping,
Here I go, who knows where I’ll land.
But I’m tired of all that bad news from the profits of doom,
I’ve noticed that their lives are not exactly in full bloom.

So I’m taking off their blinders, and throwing them away,
There’s so much more to living than the safe and narrow way.
The meek will surely inherit the earth . . .They won’t get very far,
While the bold go for adventure, exploring beyond the stars.

So I’ll encourage inspiration, and I’ll soak it up like a sponge,
Instead of terminal safety, I’m ready to take the plunge.
Instead of dying of caution, I’m living to take the plunge.”
- from the song, “Take the Plunge” by Tupelo Kenyon


There’s an exception to every rule, and fortunately, some of us are blessed with people in our lives with which we can talk about such important matters. These “soul buddies” understand where we are coming from (or at least from where we are trying to remember to come) and base their responses accordingly.

If you broach the subject of a big important dream or goal, they may be encouraging and supportive or they may simply advise you to shut up about it and just do it.

If you find yourself in an energy vacuum and try to start a bitch and moan session, they might remind you to do an about face and list the positive aspects of your dream instead. Or, they may advise you to simply drop it and find a bigger dream.

If your soul buddy is in tune and tapped in at the moment of your conversation, it’s likely no harm will be done, because they too are learning to identify with the face of spirit. If you forget, it’s great to have someone to remind you. A person like that is invaluable beyond measure. Treasure them.

Rare soul buddies do not apply to most of the ideas in this article. This article is about the average person who is swallowed up in the world of the ego. Don’t give them the opportunity to compromise your dreams and goals born in the realm of spirit. They are not qualified to have a relevant comment, but that won’t stop them from making them anyway.

“He who wishes to exert a useful influence must be careful to insult nothing. Let him not be troubled by what seems absurd, but concentrate his energies to the creation of what is good. He must not demolish, but build. He must raise temples where mankind may come and partake of the purest pleasure.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Your Dreams are Important

From the vantage point of the other face of reality, the face of spirit, you recognize that dreams and desires are born from within you for a purpose. As an individualized manifestation of spirit, you are on the leading edge of creation.

Your experience of embracing your dreams and working through the process toward their manifestation benefits all of life. The presence of the universe itself is becoming more than it was before because of your personal dreams and the process of manifestation. It’s a big job, an important job, being here on the physical side while being identified with the spiritual side. Why not embrace it in joy, marveling at the wonder of it all, and enjoy the experience to the fullest?

“Where there is joy there is creation. Where there is no joy there is no creation: know the nature of joy.” – Maitri Upanishads (c. BC 800-)

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success . . . Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” – Nikola Tesla

You don’t need the endorsement of the crowd to pursue your dreams. Keep your own counsel and trust your inner guidance to steer you toward your dreams. Your on-board, personal guidance system has the marvelous habit of steering you toward the people who can help you, while avoiding the rest. (See previous article, “How Do You Feel — About Inner Guidance.)

When you keep your dreams to yourself and resist the urge to chat about them, you are “valiant in spirit glory” as described by Gandhi, relying on your own source, spirit, to guide you in the most appropriate way. Nobody but your own inner self knows the most appropriate direction for you. Allow your manifestations in this realm of the senses to be inspired by, and spring forth from the other side — the inexhaustible face of spirit, beyond the reach of the senses.

Inspire Yourself on Purpose

Meditation is helpful. Sit quietly and watch the screen of your mind. Notice your breathing. Allow your busy mind to gradually become quieter, naturally. Listen.

Regardless of what religion or philosophy you subscribe to, you can become still and ask to be shown whatever you need to know. No mumbo jumbo is required — no rituals, no ceremony — only pure intent is required. (See previous articles, “Simple Toning Meditation” and “Guided Meditation for Self-Healing and Personal Development.”)

Ask your guides, your guardian angels, your guru, savior, favorite saint, or the deepest and purest, wisest part of yourself, who has always been identified with the other side of reality, for contact. Ask them to show you whatever you need to know. Mean it.

And then be still. You are inviting creativity and manifestation from the other side, the side of spirit, into this side of physical reality. Be receptive. Be sincere. Be ready.

When it comes, you will recognize it by the way it makes you feel. However your answer(s) come to you, they will likely sound like music to your ears.

“Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world.” – Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-72)

Be Your Own Best Friend

If you need someone to help you sort it all out or just someone to talk to, try talking to yourself by journaling. Write down your thoughts and feelings whenever you feel the need for more clarity.

Your journal won’t try to talk you out of anything or try to “talk some sense into you,” and it won’t ask misguided questions that put you on the spot to defend your position. Journaling gives you the opportunity to communicate with the deeper, wiser, more centered part of yourself. It helps you stay in closer touch with the part of yourself based on the spiritual side of life, and helps you recognize the thoughts, feelings and attitudes that originate from this arena of the senses, this narrower side of life — the land of the ego.

Identifying and recognizing ego-based thoughts is a good step in the right direction toward more efficient manifestation. With this awareness, it’s easier to turn to the other face of creation, the face of spirit, and proceed with the process of manifesting with the confidence, power and creativity of the universe behind you.

Fly with the wind. Float downstream. Let the creative power of all creation, spirit, be the wind beneath your wings and the stream beneath your canoe.

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