Inspiration from a Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor

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You’ve heard about the “right brain” and the “left brain,” right? The left brain is all about logic and sequential thinking and the right brain is all about the abstract flow of consciousness and how it relates to “the big picture.”

Even though I’ve been aware of these concepts for thirty years or so, they were always a little fuzzy. Interesting, but I never totally grasped the implications until I saw an amazing video.

The video is one of the TED talks. If you haven’t heard of that yet, these are some of the most amazing, interesting and inspiring videos on the internet. They are ideas worth spreading . . . “inspired talks by some of the world’s greatest thinkers and doers.

Sometimes It’s Better to Learn from the Experience of Another

The talk I’m recommending now is from Jill Bolte Taylor, who is a neuroanatomist — a brain scientist. The video is about a rare opportunity few scientists would wish for:

One morning, a blood vessel in Jill Bolte Taylor’s brain exploded. As a brain scientist, she realized she had a ringside seat to her own stroke. She watched as her brain functions shut down one by one: motion, speech, memory, self-awareness . . .

Amazed to find herself alive, Taylor spent eight years recovering her ability to think, walk and talk. She has become a spokesperson for stroke recovery and for the possibility of coming back from brain injury stronger than before. In her case, although the stroke damaged the left side of her brain, her recovery unleashed a torrent of creative energy from her right. From her home base in Indiana, she now travels the country on behalf of the Harvard Brain Bank as the “Singin’ Scientist.”

“How many brain scientists have been able to study the brain from the inside out? I’ve gotten as much out of this experience of losing my left mind as I have in my entire academic career.” – Jill Bolte Taylor

See It . . . Hear It . . . Feel It!

This video will makes a powerful impression. Have you ever seen an actual brain with the two hemispheres clearly separate from one another? On this video, you will.

Have you ever heard a description about watching from a peaceful, detached viewpoint as the cognitive brain functions slowly quit functioning? Have you ever heard anyone talk about what it feels like when the inner chatter finally quits and all that’s left is awareness? On this video, you will.

Prepare to be amazed, moved, inspired and thrilled with this intelligent look at something that is rarely seen . . . and the fact that you’re hearing about all this from a brain scientist makes it even more fascinating.

Tissues Optional

Oh yeah, the end may tug at your heart strings a bit. Some of us may want to have a box of Kleenex handy.

This will probably be the most inspiring 12 minutes of your day. (It could easily be the most inspiring 12 minutes of your year!)

Here’s the link . . .

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