A Place of Comfort and Inspiration

Notes from Janey . . .

When I open the door and step into my studio, it is like stepping into a warm hug of a close friend.



Always patient for my return, never admonishing me for my “never visiting —  never calling –” Whenever I need my studio, it is there, welcoming me with loving arms.


I usually have a few promised stained glass commissions to get done before we leave on our six month tour, so when the countdown begins, the energy to get things done speeds up. The glasswork always takes me longer than the time I have allotted, so I find myself putting in extra hours out in my studio.

But every time I’m there, I’m reminded of how much I love it. It is full of light and love and music and creative vibrations. It feeds every molecule of my body and rejuvenates me. Every time I’m there, I wonder — why didn’t I call? Why didn’t I come visit every single day?


Tupelo and I, with the help of our friend, Patrick, built my studio in 1995.



It is the ultimate artist’s dream. My own creative space. All the counter tops are my height and the tools of the glass trade are in easy reach like a well-designed kitchen. A picture window looks out over a postcard-perfect creek and the piney woods beyond. A skylight allows creativity to drip from the sky, like a faucet that can’t be turned off. It is a glorious space where I turn up the rock and roll and dance because no one can see me. It is a slice of heaven.

When I’m there, gratefulness overflows, and at times I can hardly believe my good fortune. It is a comforting place where I can do whatever I want, be whomever I want. I get my best ideas out there because it is a space I have created just for this purpose. It is hot wired into the creativity of the universe.


Tupelo has his own space too. A few years after we built my studio, we built him a recording studio right beside mine. He filled it with electronic gadgets, computer widgets, and surrounded himself with musical instruments. He relishes the solitude of his space on a daily basis.


When people visit us for the first time, they comment how lucky we are because of our incredible studios. We look at each other. Lucky is not the word we would use. Fortunate, yes. Lucky, hum. Our studios didn’t materialize up from the earth while we slept. We didn’t wait around for them to appear. We donned our bib overalls, strapped on our tool belt and made our dreams come true with sweat and desire.

Now we each have a place of renewal. A place of rejuvenation. A place of inspiration. Oh, if only everyone could be so lucky.

I encourage you to create a place of renewal, a place of comfort, a place of creativity that will help you live how you want to live. Carve out a place in your busy life where you can go to be by yourself. Make it simple, but make it a priority. It could be a studio like mine, or a spare bedroom, a chair in the corner of the den or a rock by the lake. It doesn’t matter where.

Not every one wants to be alone, but alone time is crucial in the quest for personal development.

When we are alone, we separate ourselves from the confusing chatter of the world and have the opportunity to settle into who we really are. We give ourselves permission to better understand ourselves. We go deeper. We realize what makes us happy, what makes us sad, what makes us feel energized, what has disappointed us, in ourselves and in others, and most important, what to do about it.

If everyone made an effort to create a space of their own, not only would their own life improve, but the consciousness of the planet would as well. Imagine what our world would be like if we allowed ourselves to be in a place of solace that betters our life. If we tap into the power of becoming more joyful, it is like throwing a pebble into a pond. That one pebble makes many ripples, affecting many shores. We can bring peace to the world by finding peace within one person at a time.

I have a lot more to say on this subject, but my studio is calling.


(Article, photos, and glass art by Janey Wing Kenyon)

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