Top 10 Things to Pack for a Spiritual Journey

Notes from Janey . . .

(1) A journal – Record the journey, keep up with your self evolution
and push open new doors through your writing.

(2) A sense of wonder, awe, and Gratitude – Throwing our arms wide
each morning, saying “Thank you” is all we need to say. The more
gratitude flows out, the more blessings flow in. We become stunned
by the beauty of life.

(3) Tolerance – I’m not talking about a mere acceptance of other’s
beliefs here. Tolerance, in the traditional sense usually means,
“You can believe what you want to, but you’re still wrong.”� The
tolerance on this list has a healthy dose of respect, flexibility,
and compassion, as well.

(4) Patience – Especially, patience with ourselves.

(5) A keen ear to hear our inner voice – This is our inner guidance
system, our internal compass. Listen, feel, and head where it tells
you to go even if your mind thinks it’s in the wrong direction.

(6) Develop confidence to go it alone. Be bold and not manipulated
by popular vote. We should never be afraid to question, observe,
and make up our own mind. Perseverance is a good way to put it.

(7) The ability to pay attention to our emotions and hear what they
are telling us. Emotions are like buckets, bringing our innermost
selves up from the deep well of soul. Immense wisdom hides behind
tears and joy.

(8) A permission slip to be able to roam the halls of spirituality
unimpeded. It gives us�� �permission to exercise our free will,
permission to ask questions, to doubt, to reassess, to believe, to
wonder, to absorb, to bliss out, to change our mind.

(9) A “Get out of Hell Free” card – Personally, I don’t believe we
need one, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

(10) A sense of humor – Our spiritual path may become challenging
and absurd at times. It’s advantageous to comprehend the humor of
the universe, and to fully understand the reason we are here: It’s
to experience the joy of the journey.


(Article and Photo by Janey Wing Kenyon)

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