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Sometimes it takes a life-threatening situation to challenge what
we really think about our life. When the hourglass tips, our
reflection stares back at us from the glass, daring us to look
closer at questions we’ve been asking our entire life. We may no
longer have the luxury of time.

When I was given a frightening diagnosis, my world crumbled and
exploded at the same time. I retreated as best I could into the
shelter of my inner knowing, reminding me that everything is
exactly how it should be and that everything would be alright. But
I also reached out and grabbed the lifeline thrown from Tupelo and
my loving family and friends. The love I gave myself and the love I
received helped to keep me on top of the tsunami (most of the time).

One big question danced on the sidelines almost every day, waving
its arms to get my attention. Was I really not afraid to die like
I’ve said so many times before? In all honesty, I knew I wasn’t
afraid to die because I’ve never been in a stare down contest with
that possibility before. Then I was tested on how I really felt.

And I believe I passed. To my great relief, I found out that I
really wasn’t afraid to die. (This was just one of the many
blessings I received from this experience.) And I’m also happy to
report that I’m all better now – healthy and celebrating being

I encourage you to not be afraid to ask yourself the deep
questions about your life. Then listen for the answers. And when
tough encounters with this physical experience come along, love
yourself through it.

Recently, I came across a poem I wrote in the midst of the dance
with the hourglass. I’m offering it now in the hope you may feel
the same when the time comes.

When I fall
let me fall like a

tumbling wild
spinning free


not landing like a dead leaf
to sink
to the bottom of
a deep pool


but rising up
indigo mist
tickling the belly of heaven


when I fall
I will fall
like a waterfall


(Article and photos by Janey Wing Kenyon)

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