Don’t Ask Don’t Get

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One year, looking to expand our experiences by performing, we took Holland American Cruise Lines up on their offer to travel the US and Canada promoting their Alaska cruises and tours.

It was a six-month run, and when we finished singing and telling thousands of people of how great Alaska was and encouraging them to go, a free cruise to anywhere in the world waited – one for Tupelo and one for myself.


Daydreaming of where to go was one of the best parts. We finally settled on one through the Mediterranean and the other around northern Europe with ten days in between to explore Italy.

Our “free cruise” wasn’t exactly free because we footed the airline ticket expense to Europe and we expanded our trip to include ten days in England and ten in Spain.



(Well, we’re going all that way …) It was a risky commitment because we were on “stand by” for both cruises with no confirmation until just before boarding. I envisioned our stateroom being over the bilge, under the dance floor, and next to the engines. But this didn’t deter my excitement. Neither one of us had ever cruised before. Still, I wished for the good luck of having a window, just a small one. I wasn’t asking for much.

My friend, Jojo said, “Well you know, Janey, don’t ask, don’t get.”

So I asked, and sure enough, on our first cruise around the Mediterranean, we had a window…but barely. The tiny porthole looked out over the deck where everyone and their mother walked or stood at the railing taking in the passing scenery. If I didn’t see a parade going by our window, it was a wall of rear ends. But, I was grateful for the window. After all, this is all I asked for, right?

Ten days later, we were booked on a cruise to northern Europe. With Jojo whispering in my ear I was bolder this time in requesting a veranda suite. We checked in, and there on our pass it read: Veranda. YES! I asked. We received. We were thrilled.


I’ve never forgotten Jojo’s advice, and I’ve put it to the test many times. I don’t assume that my wishes are known because people aren’t mind readers. Now I know to ask. What can it hurt? And sure enough, more often than not, I’m given what I asked for.

The same holds true when asking the universe for what we want. If we don’t ask, chances are, we don’t get. If we want more love, or joy, or money, or contentment in our lives, we must first feel what it will be like when we do have these things. And then we say, “Yes, universe, please bring me more of this.” How about better health? Ask. A better way to make money? Ask. It’s like we are writing our desires on paper and handing it over saying, “This is what I want.” The universe needs to have a clear idea of what we want before it can bring forth what we desire.


Flashback to working for Holland America: Our tour began in the fall, so I envisioned being sent to the Northeast in time to see the autumn colors. It was Jojo, again, who encouraged me to ask the tour coordinator to arrange it. I wrote an email asking if it were possible to “go to the NE.” She wrote back, “I’ll see what I can do.”

A month later, she calls to say, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’m having a hard time scheduling good routing through Nebraska for you.” Nebraska? “Yes. You specifically requested to go to NE in the fall – Nebraska.” I laughed. “I meant the Northeast – not Nebraska!” Luckily, this misunderstanding was cleared up in time so that yes, we got to go to the Northeast in time to see the spectacular fall colors.


So let this be the lesson learned: We not only have to be bold and ask for what we want, we also have to be very clear in what we want. This goes for every day interactions, as well as in asking the universe for assistance. Being vague doesn’t cut it in either realm.

The next time the opportunity arises, hear Jojo’s encouraging and magic words: “Don’t ask. Don’t get.”

Then, ask for what you want. Be prepared to stand back and be amazed at how well it all works out in your favor.

(Article and photos by Janey Wing Kenyon)

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