Tupelo and Janey Kenyon are known as “Laughing Bird.” We are on tour many months every year with our music and comedy show. Here’s a link to our current tour schedule.

Host a Laughing Bird Concert

We have been performing and recording together for a long time — since the mid 70’s. As a result, we are comfortable in a wide range of venues and enjoy creating custom shows for just about any occasion. We can put together a show that’s a good fit for a wide range of audiences. At the end of this page is a list of some of our favorites. We love to laugh and love to hear others laugh, so there’s always a healthy dose of comedy in our shows — hearty laughter is fun medicine and always feels good for whatever ails you.

Video Overview

The best way to get an idea of our live performance is to watch this short video overview. You’ll see how we look on stage and hear some of our musical and comedy styles. Click the link to see it right now online. It’s the intro to our two-and-a-half hour DVD entitled, “Laughing Bird — Celebrate the Journey.”

Here’s a link to some promotional material that you can access online right now. You’ll see letters of recommendation as well as brief comments from dozens of people who have hosted a Laughing Bird concert. There’s also a press release, photos and posters you can download.

Laughing Bird’s Trivia Questions

1. What kind of music do you play? Our style is a blend of original contemporary folk music with light rock, bluegrass, new country and old cowboy influences . . . light-hearted and high-spirited with a healthy dose of comedy. (Because life is too important to be taken seriously!)

2. What instruments do you play? On stage, Tupelo sings and plays acoustic guitar, bass, harmonica, and “Toby,” a toe-tapped tambourine. Janey’s main instrument is her voice. She also plays mountain dulcimer, bass, and various percussion instruments. On our recordings, we play many other instruments including mandolin, banjo, hammered dulcimer, electric guitar, drums, keyboards, etc.

3. Do you sing mostly your own songs? Tupelo is the main songwriter and we highlight our original songs in our concerts.

4. Where are you from? We have two homes. Most of the time we’re at home on the road in our tour-mobile . . . a Beaver Patriot motorhome named Bailey. We also have a mountain cabin in Story, Wyoming, which we visit from time to time between tours.

5. How long have you been together? We’ve been performing and recording together since the mid 70’s. After this long, we’re just about to get the hang of it.

6. Where did you meet? We met on the island of Kodiak in Alaska. We homesteaded on Spruce Island and later built a cabin in Homer, but traveled all over the state playing our music. We lived in Alaska for 15 years and then moved back to Wyoming . . . (because Alaska got too crowded).

7. Are you two married, or what? Yup, married, and what!

8. Where does your touring take you? Every year has been different which keeps it new and exciting. We have played in all 50 states, from Alaska to South America, Europe and Africa, and we feel we are just getting started.

9. What kind of places do you play? We started our career in a dingy local hangout in Hawaii but soon moved on to nice restaurants and resorts. We branched out to music festivals, fairs, universities and schools. We enjoy performing at scuba diving resorts, RV resorts, house concerts, community concerts, churches and cruise ships worldwide. (More details on our favorite concert venues are at the end of this page.) We’re on the roster of the Wyoming Arts Council as touring performers, and Janey as a writer.

10. Where did you get that funny name? We lived in Central America for a year and a half and whenever we brought out our instruments, an exotic tropical bird called a Laughing Falcon seemed to show up and “sing” along. It sounded just like a woman having a good laugh. (Everyone’s a critic.) In Belize, a tiny island called Laughing Bird Caye was our favorite snorkeling spot. Since Janey’s maiden name is Wing, and we hope to share a laugh or two during our show, Laughing Bird just seems to fit.

11. What do you want to be when you grow up? We want to be convinced we lived our life with no regrets and laughed our share along the way. (But who says we have to grow up?)

12. Do you have any CDs? Yes, we recently released “Record-X, Laughing Bird’s 10th.” Since Tupelo is a prolific songwriter and we own Riversong Recording Studio in Story, Wyoming, we always have new CDs in progress. In the sidebar, you will see all our CDs. Click any of them for more information and to hear .mp3 selections.

13) Do you have a website dedicated to your music? Yes, all songs, lyrics, and our current tour schedule is available at http://www.

14. Do you have a video? Yes, we have a DVD titled, “Celebrate the Journey” which is a two and a half hour retrospective of our 29 years of touring together. It features 25 songs from several of our live performances plus personal interviews. It’s a big production so we fondly refer to it as “Laughing Bird, the Movie.”

15. Where ya goin’ from here? Down the road, around the bend, (NOT over the hill) . . . and on around the world.

Bring a Laughing Bird Show to Your Event

We are including this information about our concerts because we hope it fires your imagination and gives you some ideas about bringing a Laughing Bird show to your community. We would love to perform a concert for your resort, cruise ship, fair, rally, fraternal organization, women’s club, community concert series, school, festival, corporate event, church, spiritual gathering, or house concert. Maybe you’ve thought of another possibility that is not on this list. Chances are, we can come up with an appropriate program for your event, whatever it is.

Performance Fees

Our fees vary, depending upon the details, including travel expenses and audience size. Rather that publishing fees here, it’s better to quote a fee based on the details of the situation. Let’s talk. Since we are at home on the road in our motorhome, no accommodations are necessary (although a level place to park near the venue is appreciated).

Tech Talk

We’ll arrive with our own sound system and stage lights. Our equipment is high-quality and provides crystal clear sound. It is perfectly adequate for audiences up to several hundred people. In larger venues, we tie our sound system into the house system to make sure everyone can hear. In addition to our own, we use the venue’s stage lights whenever available.

Why We Do This

Our music lifestyle is a journey from the heart, driven by our love of new places, new people and new experiences. Thanks to folks like you who we have met along the way, our musical adventure has taken us to all 50 states and many other countries over the last few decades. We sincerely appreciate all the purchases, contacts and referrals that have helped us to continually take the next step.

Contact Us to Explore This Further

Let’s put our heads together and see if we can schedule something. If it sounds promising, we would be happy to send you our complete promotional package, which includes the DVD, “Celebrate the Journey.” This performance video will give you (and/or whoever is in charge of deciding) a good idea of what we have to offer.

If you are not personally in charge of bringing entertainment to your event, but you know who is, send us the contact name and phone number and a few details of what you have in mind, and we will get in touch with them directly.

Give us a call or send an email.
Thank you for keeping live music alive.

Yours for a song,
Tupelo and Janey Kenyon
Laughing Bird
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Some of Our Favorite Concert Venues

Resorts — We have performed at hundreds of resorts from coast to coast, from the Florida Keys to Southern California. Favorites include RV Resorts, Retirement Resorts, Golf Resorts, and wherever people gather to relax and unwind. Other favorites (north to south) include Land’s End Resort at the end of the road in Homer, Alaska to Coco View Scuba Diving Resort on the Bay Islands of Honduras. Adventure Resorts are always fun, and we would welcome new opportunities to perform at any kind of resort.

Cruise Ships — We contracted with Holland America for three years and really enjoyed performing on cruise ships. This audience is the same demographics as the resort audience, so we have many years of experience in sculpting music and comedy shows for this group of people. We’re looking forward to doing more shows on cruise ships.

Fairs — We performed at the state fair in Palmer, Alaska for several years, as well as county fairs around the country.

Rallies — We’re a good fit and have performed at many RV rallies like Good Sam Samborees, FMCA events, Escapees, as well as the annual rallies for the different brands of motorhomes — Holiday Rambler, Beaver, etc.

Fratennal Organizations — We have provided entertainment for special events for Elks, Eagles, Moose, Masons, VFW, Oddfellows, Kiwanis, Lions, as well as lesser-known organizations.

Women’s Clubs — Garden Clubs, Red Hat Society, Library Clubs, and all kinds of similar organizations have hired us through the years to provide lively entertainment for their special events.

Community Concerts — Usually held in a theater or auditorium, this is one of our favorite venues. As a result of our being on the performance roster of the Wyoming Arts Council, we have been able to do several of these around the state of Wyoming as well as in other states. We enjoy these community audiences where the children are welcome, the grandparents are welcome, and everyone in between. We appreciate good, clean, family entertainment, and enjoy providing it whenever we get the opportunity. These community concerts are often packaged with school concerts. (See below.)

Schools — We have performed for students of all ages and have material suitable for kindergarteners through high school. (Often we schedule a couple of different concerts during the school day to accommodate different age groups and then perform a community concert that night or the following night. If the students are allowed to attend the evening concert free when accompanied by an adult, it’s a good way to get the word out about our community concert.) We also spent several years on the college circuit, performing at dozens of colleges and universities.

Literary Program — The goal is to help students of all ages to get comfortable and excited about writing. The program begins with an upbeat, light-hearted song. Tupelo introduces the song by pointing out that songwriting is another form of writing — a poem put to music. This lively musical performance raises the energy of the room and is effective in helping to focus the pupil’s attention on the program. Next, Janey shows a few of her own journals and examples of the many things that can end up in a personal journal. She describes how her journals helped her create her first book of short stories, “Wingin’ It — On the Edge Adventures.” She then ‘reads’ a story from her book – holding the book while telling the story with animation and humor. She tailors her stories appropriately to the age group of the class. After the story, Tupelo goes to the blackboard while Janey facilitates an interactive session with the students. They are encouraged to come up with words describing certain aspects of the story they just heard. They are basically remembering adjectives, adverbs and action verbs — colorful words and phrases that made the story come alive for them. As Tupelo lists them on the blackboard, students see first-hand how Janey made her story more interesting and memorable. Janey concludes this interactive part of the program by encouraging them to use the same techniques when writing in their journals or whenever it’s appropriate for their writing assignments. The program wraps up with another lively musical performance and a short question and answer session. (Note: Three 45-minute sessions can be scheduled on the same day in order to facilitate attendance by different grade levels.)

Festivals — Through the years, we have performed at a wide range: songwriter festivals, bluegrass festivals, folk festivals, renaissance festivals and all kinds of music festivals including some of the largest, such as the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. (Also some of the smallest like the No-Woodstock Festival on the Nowood River in Tensleep, Wyoming.)

Corporate Events — We’ve found that a little music and comedy helps break the ice in business events. When people are relaxed and having fun, everyone wins. We are flexible enough to fit into most any seminar or business conference setting.

Churches — We have done many concerts in churches. We are a good fit for Unity Churches, Unitarian, Science of Mind, Religious Science, as well as many others where non-denominational, spirituality uplifting music is appreciated. Rather than aligning ourselves with any particular “brand,” we prefer to build bridges with our music and help people recognize the profound spiritual core we all have in common.

Spiritual Gatherings — We enjoy most all kinds of these because it’s great to be in the company of people who come together for the purpose of enhancing their understanding of their own spiritual nature. Performances for these groups give us the opportunity to play our “deeper” songs — the ones with the more obvious spiritual overtones. These songs are not included in the set lists for general audiences. None of our songs are “preachy,” but we do enjoy being around others who “get” the lyrics in our more esoteric songs.

House Concerts — These informal gatherings are often pot-luck dinners (but they don’t have to be — a light snack for intermission time always goes over well.) The people attending give a requested donation instead of buying a ticket, and we all share an intimate evening of good company, food and music. Since house concerts are usually held at someone’s home, it makes for a special up-close-and-personal concert and a totally unique party — a wonderful gathering of friends for the host/hostess.

After a lifetime of performing in all kinds of diverse situations and locations, we are comfortable just about anywhere people gather to have a good time. We are dedicated to providing your event with just the right entertainment to make it a resounding success. Contact us, and let’s put it together.

Tupelo and Janey Kenyon
Laughing Bird
Good Tunes . . . Good Times
Music and Comedy Show to Give Your Heart Wings
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For more information about our recordings, visit the Laughing Bird website. You can read descriptions of every song on every CD, read lyrics on screen, download lyrics and chord charts, listen to .mp3 selections, see our tour schedule, have access to promotional material and more. Thanks for your interest.


P.S. Synchronicity has been a good compass for us through the years, and we are grateful for people like you who have played such an important role in keeping this music flowing. Thank you.

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