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Music Adds New Dimension to Personal Development Website

Story, WY – A new dimension in personal blogging was introduced January 1, 2007 with the launch of http://www.tupelokenyon.com/. The site, “Personal Development Inspiration and Uplifting Music,” features in-depth articles on awareness, manifestation, productivity, relationships, and related topics of personal growth.

The articles are well-written, informative and easy to read, but what makes this site unique among all the personal development blogs is the original music created by Tupelo Kenyon. At the beginning of each article is a link to play instrumental music while you read. At the end of each article, there are links to songs specifically chosen to enhance the ideas and tone of each article.

Kenyon explains, “My wife, Janey, and I have recorded eleven CDs of original music through the years, and we plan to create many more. This website allows people to hear our music as streaming audio. We are able to do this because we never signed away copyrights since we own a record company and recording studio.”

A note from Kenyon’s home-page:

“Great ideas and insights can stir the mind. That’s powerful, but it’s not enough. It’s important to touch the heart center too. To really get it, one has to know it – and – feel it. Ideas feed your thinking body. Music feeds your feeling body. Together, words and music provide balanced nutrition: Know-how, tools, and techniques . . . plus inspiration, insight and entertainment.”

On his “About–” page, Tupelo Kenyon says he is “a full-time learner and part-time teacher of personal development.” Here’s how he describes his inspiration and motivation for creating the site:

” My passion has always been in creating instrumental music and songs with the potential to inspire. That same passion is now inspiring these articles with ideas that have the potential to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

“My motivation in creating TupeloKenyon.com is to provide a valuable service — a meaningful contribution, which results in a gratifying life of independence and joy for others as well as myself.

“My intent is to help jump-start your creativity and help you feel good. That’s the bottom line — it’s all about feeling good.”

The site has been updated with a new article every week since January 1, 2007. It is professionally designed so the content is clear and easy to read online. The articles are about awareness, manifestation, productivity, inner guidance, meditation, relationships, communication, passion, purpose, and more.

The most popular articles include, How to Keep Your Word, Simple Toning Meditation, 10 Steps to Discovering Your Life’s Purpose, Work — Just a Job or Visible Love, The Law of Attraction, The Subtle Side of Manifestation, The Quarter Million Dollar Idea for Productivity, The Trouble with TV, 10 Ways to Grow a Relationship of Mutual Personal Development, Facing Fear with Deliberate Awareness, Gratitude for Home and Family, and Benefits of Music for Personal Development.

The articles and music are offered free of charge at http://www.TupeloKenyon.com.


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New blog, “Personal Development Inspiration and Uplifting Music” offers a new twist: free music. At the beginning of each article is a link to play instrumental music while you read. At the end of each article, there are links to song selections chosen to enhance the ideas and tone of each article. The articles are about awareness, manifestation, productivity, meditation, relationships, communication, passion and purpose. Articles and music are offered free at http://www.TupeloKenyon.com.

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